Công ty IntelliSys tuyển dụng

Một giáo sư ở SNU mới lập cty IntelliSys (http://intellisys.co.kr/), startup về mảng fashion recommendation (AI, Deep Learning, Python) cần tuyển Vietnamese system developer với yêu cầu như sau:

Senior Engineer, Backend / API
Primary responsibilities
• Designing and implementing API solutions and strategy.
• Development and operation API Services in OpenAPI format.
• Backend Development and management for API services.

Required Education
• Bachelor degree in Computer Science, Computer Engineering, or Electrical Engineering or related field.

Preferred Education
• Master’s degree in Computer Science.

Preferred Skills, Knowledge and Abilities
• Experience in Python (django or flask) preferred.
• Experience in designing well-structured RESTful API preferred.
• Experience in dealing with AWS deployment preferred.

Salary range: 32 to 40 million won/year (for fresh bachelor), based on experience and skills.
Liên hệ: Jamie Seol, jamie@europa.snu.ac.kr (phone: 010.4201.1611)

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